Our Story

Meet Enoque and Alessandra:

Our family’s decision to launch BioFarm Organics originates back to August of 2014. After a sudden realization that the city’s lifestyle was becoming too expensive for us to be able to live comfortably, we began to deliberate a life in the country. With our 20 year old daughter away in college and our 16 year old son with a year left of High School, we understood that what once held us in the city was going to fade. Like any parent concerned about their child’s future, our main priority was to keep our children in a good school system until they graduated to ensure that they received a college education. Our lives were about to change its focus and direction immensely.

With that in mind, Enoque and I started to look at different pieces of land. It didn’t take long to realize that the prices weren’t what we had imagined.

That very week, I was pleased to hear one of my husband’s most phenomenal ideas. Enoque came home from work one night and said, “Honey, let’s raise organic chickens.” I then stared at him for a moment in disbelief and enjoyed a chuckle or two. My heart began to race when I saw the smile in his eyes and realized that he was being serious. He finally asked, “what?!”

When I asked where the idea came from he explained that he had always thought of it as a possibility. So I took it upon myself to do some research on the topic and see if I could support the idea.

It was during this time that I came across Joel Salatin’s book entitled, “Pastured Poultry Profits”. I immediately ordered the book and read it from cover to cover in the matter of just two days. I owe a great deal to this author since it helped stem the base model for BioFarm Organics. We took this model and changed the procedure according to our Florida climate and to the style of the land that our modest earnings could afford.

The only experience I had to offer BioFarm was my love for animals and nature. Up until now, Enoque and I have both had a diverse professional life. I am a registered nurse and Real Estate agent. During nursing school, I worked in Real Estate sales to help pay for the bills and during the heat of the Real Estate market around 2005, I worked as a labor and delivery nurse. This was an amazing experience that has given me memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Enoque, on the other hand, was a General Contractor for over 20 years and was never a stranger to long hours of work. There was never a task too difficult for this man to accomplish. He was the handy man that could fix all. Since his father died in a tragic truck accident when he was nine years old, him and his other five siblings had to work hard at an early age to help make ends meet.

He raised a variety of animals, including turkeys and chicken, to both supply fresh food for their home and to help with the finances. He also cultivated vegetables and fresh fruit in their home garden and bees to sell honey in their small town. Those reasons, along with his hyperactive personality, makes this guy the only person I would trust to venture with me into this new phase of our lives. Some people get a convertible or a Harley Davidson when they turn 50, well we got chickens. Welcome to BioFarm!

Honey, let’s raise organic chickens.Enoque Dias
Enoque e Alessandra
Some people get a convertible or a Harley Davidson when they turn 50, well we got chickens. Welcome to BioFarm!Alessandra Dias